Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Shop in Lazada this June!

June does not only mark the start of the school year and the rainy season in the Philippines, but it also has something in store for all the shoppers out there – Lazada Philippines is cracking up this month with a mid-year madness with 5 of the best reasons why you should shop at Lazada.com.ph right now. 

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REASON #1: Sale-lebrate with Lazada this Independence Day 

We all know the parades, the speeches, and the floats during Independence Day but this year, while you’re at your break from work or school, Lazada.com.ph offers you the best deals on the hottest items right now. With offerings as much as 80% discount on more than 30,000 lifestyle and electronics products up for grabs, shopping online will be a breeze and right before you know it; your purchases are already at your doorstep. So why be left behind dreaming over those brand new smartphones or accessories when Lazada makes shopping effortless and risk-free for you? 

REASON #2: DDD – Discounts Dedicated for Dads this Father’s Day 

Why leave all the heart-warming moments with mom when you can put up a smile on your Dad’s face this Father’s Day? Whether you have a classy dad, a techie one, an adventurous one, or even a sporty one, there’s definitely something for every father out there at the country’s online shopping mall - www.lazada.com.ph. Choose from a wide selection of electronics, outdoor gears, accessories or grooming products right at your fingertips – all at prices which won’t break the bank – so you would still have money left for dinner and drinks with dad! With jaw-dropping discounts as much as 70%, you and your dad will definitely feel appreciated when you shop at the country’s online shopping mall. For more updates on our Father’s Day sale, subscribe to our Facebook fanpage by liking www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines

Sunday, March 02, 2014

How to Use your Globe Reward Points to Pay at Bench and other Globe Partner Stores

Globe Rewards, Globe Partner, Bench
Last week, I was finally able to use my Globe Rewards Points to buy an item at one of Globe's Partner Store - Bench. With an accumulated points of P321.12, I only added P9 so I can a buy a new umbrella from Bench. Cool right? The points were really as good as cash. :) One point is equal to one peso. 

The process is just easy. So, if you are a Globe subscriber, take note of the following steps:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gear Up On Those Outdoor Adventure Sports Gear

outdoor adventure sports gear, cycling gear, The Clymb
You may have noticed that for some time now outdoor adventure sports have gained more popularity. A lot of people have made it a personal goal to be more fit and active and more people are getting into those exciting and exhilarating outdoor sports. May that be as simple as running, walking or cycling, or as thrilling as hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding or other extreme sports, a lot of people have jumped into the band wagon, making these sports more popular, along with a host of shops and boutiques that carry those outdoor adventure sports gear. 

Whether you enjoy these outdoor sports for the workout and the fitness benefits they give you, or for the chance to take those heart stopping outdoor photographs, or if you are in it more for the adventure and the opportunity to commune with nature or spend more time outdoors, or simply to enjoy the company of your friends and buddies, it is important that you gear up properly for these outdoor sports. More than just for aesthetics or to give you maximum comfort as you go about your new adventure for the day, these outdoor sports gear are designed to keep you safe and protect you as you enjoy one adventure after another. 

Your sports gears greatly vary depending on which outdoor sports you are into at the moment. You might want to add a few more gears into your outdoor sports arsenal as you go along and explore a number of them. But it is convenient and practical that you invest on a couple of basic gears which you can use in different outdoor adventure you plan to embark on in the future.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tips On How To Keep Your Blog Interesting

One of the things that you have to work hard on as a blogger is to keep your blog interesting to keep the steady stream of traffic and to encourage your loyal readers to continue coming back to your site to read your posts. Now bloggers are humans, too, and we also have what we call our downtime or those proverbial writer’s block, not to mention writing regularly can also be quite a difficult task especially if you also have to do other stuff aside from blogging like performing your motherhood and parenting duties or keeping your regular day job, for example. But you must set out to discipline yourself to churn fresh content at least three to four times a week if you find it difficult to do it on a daily basis, not only for your own writer’s good but more so for your blog’s own good. Read to get inspiration, if you must, and make sure to keep those handy notebooks and notepads available so you can take down notes when the inspiration strikes. 

Here are a few ways on how you can keep your blog, and your blog posts, interesting: 

1. Post about trending and timely topics. The current trending topics are what most people would love to read about, so be sure to include those in your blog posts from time to time. You can probably give your two cents about a very controversial topic or keep your readers abreast with the development on a recently trending issue. 

2. Write about informative posts. Blogs are, after all, a treasure trove of information and it will do you good to keep your readers up-to-date with useful and handy information. Depending on your blog’s niche you can probably tackle topics like reputable New Zealand Home Loans or similar subjects. 

3. Give helpful tips. Tips are always a good read and if you can dish out a couple in your posts, all the better. You can give tips on anything under the sun like how to land one of those Banking Jobs, for example or where to find a good but affordable Online video Production  in your city or nearby, perhaps.